Audio Recording Projects

recording strings in Franklin TNAudio recording is perhaps the simplest and yet most difficult of the audio artforms. There are methods that can be employed to get a certain sound but these are only guidelines. In that respect there are no rules just informed decisions, and maybe sometimes there's no one to inform you because you're going off the map to find a sound that no one has ever heard before.

Personally I like the above approach to recording. I like hearing how other people have done things - knowing how to use the John Glynn's method for recording drums or knowing about sound bloom to better inform me where to put a mic. I also like putting a mic in a weird place and hearing how it sounds or misusing gear to use it in ways it was never intended. If you like that sort of thing we should work together.

Banana Llama Studios is my own personal mix/recording space located on the Gold Coast. I have a range of vintage and not so vintage equipment which will help capture your music with clarity, warmth and musicality. I am also very open to recording "on site" in other cool locations or studios so if you're elsewhere but are still interested in working with me make contact (0424579416) and we'll see what we can arrange.

Recording Session Worked On

This list is as comprehensive as possible but if what you want to do isn't on there, ask away:

  • Solo Artist & Singer Songwriter recordings
  • Band recordings "all-at-once" or layered tracking
  • Large ensemble recording - choirs, school bands etc
  • String Section Recording
  • Location Recording - sounds, ambience and music
  • Foley for sound design


Work Examples

The Champion and His Burning Flame

Genre: Indie Rock

Sounds Like: Sufan Stephens, Death Cab for Cutie

the champion and his burning flame

Marrow & the Broken Bones

Genre: Indie Folk

Sounds Like: They stepped right out of the 30's and started writing songs for now.

marrow and the broken bones

"Forgotten God" - Francis Chan (DVD Score)

Genre: Indie Rock Film Score

Sounds Like: An indie rock film score for a DVD.

forgotten god DVD cover

"The Surgeon Dances" - Big City Exile

Genre: Alternative

Sounds Like: The Mars Volta,

the surgeon dances CD cover