Composition Portfolio

When I started out in music I was learning to play the guitar but even after a few lessons I started experimenting and writing short little compositions. Nothing great but the "inkling" was there.

When I really started to embrace music in highschool it never really entered my head not to write music and so I did. The defining moment, when I decided to be come a composer, was when I went and auditioned as a vocalist at the university I later studied composition at. Thankfully they had the foresight to ask each potential candidate what they wanted to do with music as a career and my response made them suggest I try out for the composition stream of the music degree.


First and foremost as a composer I spend a lot of my time songwriting. I have written and played in bands since high school. So without getting nostalgic I have included some selected pieces from the various groups I've been in that I've had a part in writing for as well as some more recent tracks I've been working on in collaboration and solo.

You can also check out my more recent personal music projects on my blog.

Songwriting Portfolio

Film &Television

I have had some great opportunities to write and record music for film and television over the years. Music and the visual art of film are an inspiring medium to work with - even if it's for a commercial purpose.

Film & Television Composition Portfolio