Audio Mixing

Mixing someone else's music is a bit of a thrill. You get a bunch of tracks and each one is a like a little present wrapped up so you don't know what's in there until you push up the fader (virtually or literally). I know that might sound sort of lame but that's how I see it. Now of course sometimes it can be inspiring but other times you hear something that needs some serious "love". Either way the prospects are always exciting and I love doing it.

Sometimes this means fixing something that wasn't recorded well or recorded in poor acoustic spaces. There is also a great element of creativity involved in mixing someone elses music even though you are coming in at the "last stage". Sometimes the arrangement needs some massaging to make all the instruments sit better. Sometimes in mixing you can take some seemingly ordinary part and give it a whole new personality by the way you treat it with dynamic, EQ and effects. 

Of course the creative vision of the project needs to be respected and in the end the artist/band has to love it. Below are some examples of tracks, full length albums , EPs, and film music that I've worked on. If you have a project that your are interested in having me look at to work on as an audio engineer, contact me via the contact form.

If you are looking for a mix engineer for your project contact me to see how I can help. I have "online mixing" facilities where you can upload the tracks from your project securely. You can also send through DVD copies of tracks via mail for mixing also. Please read instruction for preparing a recording for mixing online.


Genre: Classic Rock, Country, Folk

Sounds Like: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Travelling Wilbury's, George Harrison etc.

let all the world know

Doug Mathis - Let All The World Know

Genre: Rock, Gospel & Ballad

Sounds like: Third Day, Lincoln Brewster

let all the world know

The Champion & His Burning Flame - Optimistic

Genre: Indie Rock

Sounds like: Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Death Cab for Cutie etc.

every machine makes a mistake