Music Production

Music Production - it's all a bit naff to talk about being a "music producer" like your some hot shot and you've done this and that. It's okay if you are that hot shot and have a Grammy or two under your belt but if not you just say "Hey, I think I can help you make that recording and make it sound pretty good".

If you are working on a project and want some input (where ever you might be in the world) I am happy to take a listen to your tracks and give you some consultation via Skype or Google+ hangout on how to make your songs really shine. Contact me - 0424579416 for more details.

Below are some recent projects I've worked on as a producer. Follow the heading links to listen to some tracks from these projects.


"growing grass, breaking glass, bones and blood, dirt and mud, mathematics and creepy love". This is how Marrow describes themselves and I agree. I first got involved with this project by listening to these great little gritty demos Aimee had been recording solo. Despite their crudeness there was a tangibleness about them that made you want to lift them out of the corner and give them more of the stage by recording them. Notice I said recording them and not recording them properly. This project taught me not to record things "properly" but instead to give the songs the stage they deserve.



Recording with the Champion became a wonderful and repeated charm. This first EP was as much about recording something new as learning new things. I was in another country, they had only been a band for a short amount of time and we took the trip together. Fond memories of recording in Dave's attic studio/rehearsal room, driving up to Kentucky in early January to record the piano for the album, mixing and tweaking the tracks - it was a great time to share.

the champion and his burning flame