Songwriting Portfolio

Board of Transportation (2009 - Present)

Accidentally formed because of a 50 second musical cue from the "Song and Film" score by The Champion & His Burning Flame, Board of Transportation has slowly been growing it's own brand of alternative indie electro. The group consists of Dave Arnold and Luke Garfield vocally and lyrically with appearances by guest instrumentalists. 

Board of Transportation released it's 5 track EP "Seven Bridges of Konigsberg" in November 2011. It has been recieved well by fans and critics alike. You can listen to the EP below or purchase it from Bandcamp by following the links.

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Lout (2002 - 2007)

The band Lout had a number of incarnation from pop-rock to progressive hard rock. The band was originally born out of a solo project called "Bliss" but then after enlisting the talents of 3 other talented musicians it started growing of it's own accord. 

This incarnation of Lout produced a disc called "Bootleg 1" and the plan was to keep releasing these DIY releases. After two years for various reason this version of the band parted ways.

With only the drummer and myself left we took things in a different direction, writing a whole new set and turning the sound from indie-pop-rock to a more progressive hard rock sound. This version of Lout released a fairly crude "demo" disc, a single of the track "You Know" and then at the end of 2005 Lout released an official self titled EP release.

As a part of the single release for "You Know" there was also a music video created by the talented Pete McMurray of Lumina Visual and Nick Milligan.

Solo Music (1993 - Present)

I've included a few tracks here that I haven't released with any of the acts I've played with.